100+Ullu Web Series Actress Name List With Images in 2022

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Do you want to Ullu Web Series Actress name list? If Yes, Here we provide 100+ actress name lists with images, Instagram IDs, web series names, Ages, Height, and more. Ullu is a famous OTT app, so many people love to watch Ullu WebSeries.

The Ullu App was released on 5 November 2018 on PlayStore. In 2022, Ullu completed more than 10 Million downloaders around the world.

100+ Ullu Web Series Actress Name List

Here you can show the actress name list of the ullu web series in 2022. The list is a completely new update, if you know more actress names please let me know in the comment section.

1. Hansi Parmar

Age10 June 1992 (29 Years)
Web SeriesRiti Rewaj
Instagram ID@Hansi.Parmar

2. Anupam Prakash

Anupam Prakash
Age17 November 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web SeriesRiti Riwaj
Instagram ID@anupamaprakash_official

3. Swathi Agarwal

Swathi Agarwal
Age7 November 1993 (29 Years Old)
Web SeriesRiti Riwaj Haldi, Virgins Boys & Virgin Boys 2
Instagram ID@ettuswati1

4. Monika Chauhan

Monika Chauhan
Age10 January 1994 (29 Yeras Old)
Web SeriesRiti Riwaj Haldi
Instagram ID@monikachauhann_

5. Sharanya Jit Kaur

Sharanya jit kaur
Age16 July 1991 (31 Years Old)
Web SeriesLove Letter, Kavita Bhabhi 1, 2, &3 And Online Ishq
Instagram ID@Sharanya_Jit_Kaur

6. Kavitha RadheyShyam

Kavitha RadheyShyam
Age31 December 1985 (36 Years Old)
Web SeriesKavita Bhabhi And Ashuddhi
Instagram ID@actresskavita

7. Shikha Sinha

Shikha Sinha
Age14 March 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web SeriesGun Point, Mastram & The Typewriter
Instagram IDUpdate Soon

8. Ruby Bharaj

Age25 June 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web SeriesGandii Baat & Pravitra Bhagya
Instagram IDUpdate Soon

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9. Priyal Gor

Priyal Gor
Age2 November 1994 (27 Years Old)
Web SeriesMaaya 2 And Rani Ka Raj
Instagram ID@priyalgor2

10. Aparna Sharma

Hansi Parmar
Age23 July 1990 (23 Years Old)
Web SeriesEk Swastika
Instagram ID@aparnasharma90

The above 10 actresses are the best performing on Ullu. Also, you can check other side roles and co-actress ullu web series actress names and images.

11. Naina Chhabra

Naina Chhabra
Age25 June 1998 (34 Years Old)
Web SeriesThe Bull of Dalal Street & Gandii Baat
Instagram IDUpdate Soon

12. Joanna Robaczewska

Joanna Robaczewska
Age28 August 1994 (27 Years Old)
Web SeriesHasmukh
Instagram ID@iamjioannarob

13. Marina Kuwar

Marina Kuwar
Age24 August 1988 (34 Years Old)
Web SeriesVirgin Boys Part 2
Instagram ID@marinakuwar

14. Chandana Gowda

Chandana Gowda
Age18 June 1990 (32 Years Old)
Web SeriesAshuddhi
Instagram ID@chandna_gowda_official

15. Madhurima Tuli

Madhurima Tuli
Age19 August 1986 (35 Years Old)
Web Series26 January
Instagram ID@madhurimatuli

16. Veronica Vanij

Veronica Vanij
Age1 January 1994 (28 Years)
Web SeriesSmartphone
Instagram ID@veronicavanij

17. Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das
Age4 March 1987 (35 Years Old)
Web SeriesSingardaan
Instagram ID@Shraddha_Das

18. Tanima Bhattacharya

Tanima Bhattacharya
Age12 September 1986
Web SeriesAakhet
Instagram ID@tani_artandbrush

19. Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave
Age3 June
Web SeriesRishta Ho Aisa
Instagram ID@ankitadave_1

20. Divya Burman

Divya Burman
Age14 July 1995 (27 Years Old)
Web SeriesCh**msh*k Role Play
Instagram ID@divyaburman_

21. Sakshi Pradhan

Sakshi pradhan
Age12 August 1992 (29 Years Old)
Web SeriesThe Producer
Instagram ID@itsmesakshii

22. Harshtia Gaur

Harshtia Gaur
Age12 October 1992 (29 Years Old)
Web SeriesPunch Beat
Instagram ID@harshita1210

23. Neethu Wadhwa

Neethu Wadhwa
Age20 July 1991 (30 Years)
Web SeriesGandii Baat 6
Instagram ID@wadhwaneettu007

24. Priya Gamre

Priya Gamre
Age20 May
Web SeriesGaon Ale Gotyat 15 Lakh Khatyat
Instagram ID@priyagamreefame

25. Nagma Akthar

Nagma Akthar
AgeUpdate Soon
Web SeriesFareb premiered
Instagram ID@nagmaakhtarofficial

26. Flora Saini

Flora Saini
Age29 September 1978 (43 Years)
Web SeriesGandii Baaat
Instagram ID@florasaini

27. Garima Maurya

Garima Maurya
Age29 July 1995 (25 Years Old)
Web SeriesWife for Night
Instagram ID@garima.maurya29

28. Aarohi Dike

Aarohi Dike
Age16 May 1998 (24 Years Old)
Web SeriesCha**kh
Instagram ID@theaarohidk

29. Samikssha Bhatnagar

Samikssha Bhatnagar
Age12 January 1988 (34 Years Old)
Web SeriesUpdate Soon
Instagram IDUpdate Soon

30. Preeti Goswami

Preeti Goswami
Age29 March
Web SeriesAuction
Instagram ID@preetigoswami555

31. Minoli Nandwana

Minoli nandwana
Age26 March 1994 (28 Yeats Old)
Web SeriesUpdate Soon
Instagram ID@minolinandwana

32. Simran Khan

Simran Khan
Age6 August 1994 (27 Years Old)
Web SeriesPalang Tod
Instagram ID@theofficialsimrankhan

33. Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul
Age27 November 1994 (26 Years Old)
Web SeriesChar**kh
Instagram ID@itssnehapaul

34. Anusmriti Sarkar

Anusmriti Sarkar
Age23 October 1995 (26 Years Old)
Web SeriesPrabha Ki Diary
Instagram ID@anusmritisarkarofficial

35. Shivangi Roy

Shivangi roy
Age4 October 2000 (22 Years Old)
Web SeriesGathbandhan
Instagram ID@roy_shivangi

36. Swathi Agarwal

Swathi Agarwal
Age7 May 1988 (34 Years Old)
Web SeriesRiti Riwaj -2020
Instagram ID@ettuswati1

37. Muskaan Agarwal

Muskaan Agarwal
Age 29 April 1997 (24 Years Old)
Web Series Cha**sukh
Instagram ID@musku_agarwal

38. Mahi Kamala

Mahi Kamala
Age 29 September 1996 (26 Years Old)
Web Series Riti Riwaj And Charm**kh
Instagram ID@mahikamlarock

39. Ruks Khandagale

Ruks Khandagale
Age 24 September 1994 (27 Years Old)
Web Series My Last Imagination And Palang Tod
Instagram ID@realrukskhandagale

40. Shreya Tyagi

Shreya Tyagi
Age 12 September 1995 (27 Years Old)
Web Series Char**kh
Instagram ID Update Soon

41. Ihana Dhillon

Ihana Dhillon
Age 18 August 1989 (32 Years Old)
Web Series Kasak
Instagram ID@ihanadhillon

42. Priya Marathe

Age 23 April 1987 (35 Years)
Web Series Kasak
Instagram ID@priyamarathe

43. Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba
Age 18 January 1985 (37 Years Old)
Web Series Kasak
Instagram ID@minissha_lamba

44. Angel Bhandari

Angel Bhandari
Age 21 July 1999 (23 Years)
Web Series Catlady
Instagram ID@angelbhandariofficial

45. Leena Jumani

Leena Jumani
Age 16 July 1990 (32 Years Old)
Web Series The Ghost Thesis
Instagram ID@queen_leenajumani

46. Simi Chanda

simi Chanda
Age Update Soon
Web Series Feelings
Instagram ID@iam_chansi

47. Pihu Singh

Pihu Singh
Age 1994 (28 Years Old)
Web Series Karma and Naya Padosi
Instagram ID@myyogalaya

48. Trupti Rajput

Trupti Rajput
Age 27 November 1993 (29 Years Old)
Web Series Hushaaru
Instagram ID @iamtruptirajput

49. Mokshitha Raghav

Mokshitha Raghav
Age 14 September 1995
Web Series Junoon
Instagram ID@mokshitaraghav

50. Sonal Waghmare

Sonal Waghmare
Age 1995 (26 Years Old)
Web Series PathShala 2
Instagram ID Update Soon

51. Rajsi Verma 

Rajsi Verma
Age11 October 1989 (33 Years Old)
Web Series Palang Tod
Instagram ID @rajsivermofficial__

52. Nehal Vadolia

Nehal Vadolia
Age 1993 (28 Years Old)
Web Series Rangmanch
Instagram ID Update Soon

53. Jinnie Jazz

Jinnie Jazz
Age 27 June 1986 (36 Years Old)
Web Series Jinnie Jazz And Chara**kh Jane Anjane Mein 4
Instagram ID@jinnie_jaz

54. Swasti Kapur

Swasti Kapur
Age Update Soon
Web Series Zindagi
Instagram ID@swastikapur

55. Shiny Dixit

Shiny Dixit
Age 5 December 1991 (30 Years Old)
Web Series Gandii Baat And Call Center
Instagram ID@shinydixit05

56. Pallavi Mukherjee

Pallavi Mukherjee
Age 28 October 1998 (24 Years Old)
Web Series Gandii Baat
Instagram ID@pallavipallu1

57. Nidhi Mahawan

Nidhi Mahawan
Age 26 April 1989 (33 Years Old)
Web Series Cha**khTrapped
Instagram ID@nidhimahawan

58. Saumya Tiwari

Saumya Tiwari
Age 27 July 1996 (26 Years Old)
Web Series Ishq Mein Marjawan
Instagram ID Update Soon

59. Kastui Chhetri

Kastui Chhetri
Age 3 August 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web Series Char**kh
Instagram ID@kasturi_chhetri_

60. Supriya Shukla

Supriya Shukla
Age 14 June 1982 (39 Years Old)
Web Series Update Soon
Instagram ID@supriyarshukla

61. Iira Soni

Iira Soni
Age 4 September 1989 (32 Years Old)
Web Series Woodpecker
Instagram ID Update Soon

62. Luviena Lodh

Luviena Lodh
Age 27 February 1990 (32 Years old)
Web Series Humse Na Ho Payega
Instagram ID@luvienalodh

63. Khwahish Matthew

Khwahish Matthew
Age 18 October 1991 (31 Years Old)
Web Series Char**kh
Instagram ID @Khwahish_Gal

64. Manvi Chugh

Manvi Chugh
Age 15 February 1994 (28 Years Old)
Web Series Riti Riwaj And Woodpecker
Instagram ID@thisismanvi

65. Thea D’souza

Thea D’souza
Age 18 August 1994 (28 Years Old)
Web Series Dev DD
Instagram ID@goddesst999

66. Shalini Sahay

Shalini Sahay
Age 1996 (26 Years Old)
Web Series Spotless
Instagram ID@sahay_shalini

67. Sanni Singh

Sanni Singh
Age 6 October 1985 (36 Years Old)
Web Series Riti Riwaj
Instagram ID@sunny_hairr

68. Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta
Age 22 November 1999 (23 years old)
Web Series Riti Riwaj Rani
Instagram ID@guptainji 

69. Ankita Bhattacharya

Ankita Bhattacharya
Age 26 March 2022 (20 Years Old)
Web Series Riti Riwaj
Instagram ID @ankita.bhattacharyya.9041

70. Khushi Mukherjee

Khushi Mukherjee
Age 24 November 1996 (25 Years Old)
Web Series Kahat Hanuman.. Jai Shri Ram
Instagram ID@khushi_mukherjee

71. Swathi Sharma

Swathi Sharma
Age 4 October 1994 (28 Years Old)
Web Series Slip
Instagram ID@swathi_sharma_24

72.  Pooja Bisht

Pooja Bisht
Age 19 February 1984 (38 Years Old)
Web SeriesSlip Naina
Instagram ID@bishtpooja

73. Niyati Joshi

Niyati Joshi
Age 1985 (39 Years Old)
Web Series Dance Bar
Instagram ID@niyatijoshiofficial

74. Poonam Rajput

Poonam Rajput
Age 28 November 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web Series Dance Bar
Instagram ID@poonamrajputofficial

75. Gehana Vasisth

Gehana Vasisth
Age 16 June 1988 (34 Years Old)
Web Series  Call Center
Instagram ID @gehana_vasisth

76. Twinkle R Vasisth

Twinkle R Vasisth
Age 18 September 1989 (33 Years Old)
Web Series Tuu to Gayo
Instagram ID @twinkle_vasisht

77. Pamela Mondal

Pamela Mondal
Age 17 April 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web Series Madhosh Diaries Adla Badli
Instagram ID@pammi111

78. Monaz Mewavala

Monaz Mewavala
Age 26 December 1985 (37 Years Old)
Web Series Jaysuk Zdpayo
Instagram ID@monazmevawalla

79. Ziya Siddique

Ziya Siddique
Age 24 August
Web Series Wife in a Metro
Instagram ID update soon

80. Palak Singh

Palak Singh
Age 10 February 1990 (32 Years Old)
Web Series Jawaani Lay Doobi
Instagram ID@palak.singhofficial 

81. Shivanya Mehra

Shivanya Mehra
Age Update Soon
Web Series Come Inside
Instagram ID@shivanyamehrara

82. Niharika Chomsky

Niharika Chouskey
Age Update Soon
Web Series Jahaan Chaar Yaar Sara
Instagram ID@niharikachoukseyofficial

83. Aasma Sayed

Aasma Sayed
Age 30 April 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web Series Secrets
Instagram ID@aasmali1

84. Myra Singh

Myra Singh
Age 2011 (11 Years Old)
Web Series Ferrous
Instagram ID@myrasinghofficial

85. Kavya Kiran

Kavya Kiran
Age 7 October 1994 (28 Years Old)
Web Series Bhoka
Instagram ID@kavyaa_kiran

86. Akshita Sethi

Akshita sethi
Age 6 November
Web Series Bezubaan Ishq
Instagram ID Update Soon

87. Pari Chaudhary

Pari chaudary
Age 12 July
Web Series 3G Gaali Galoch Girls
Instagram ID@parichoudhary06

88. Preet Soni

Preet Soni
Age 1994
Web Series Paper
Instagram ID Update Soon

89. Shwetha Kanduri

Shwetha Kanduri
Age 23 May
Web Series One Stop for Love
Instagram ID Update Soon

90. Prajakta shinde

Prajakta shinde
Age 12 May 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web Series D-Code
Instagram ID@shinde.prajakta1

91. Mahima Gupta

Mahima Gupta
Age 16 September 1996
Web Series Gandii Baat 6
Instagram ID@i_am_mahimagupta

92. Hiral Radadiya

Hiral Radadiya
Age 7 April 1989 (33 Years Old)
Web Series The Story Of My Wife
Instagram ID Update Soon

93. Rimjhim Das

Rimjhim Das
Age Update Soon
Web Series Char**kh – Telephone Booth
Instagram ID@rimjhimdas

94. Jayathi Thakkar

Jayathi Thakkar
Age Update Soon
Web Series Lady Jasoos Nuefliks
Instagram ID Update Soon

95. Anushka Srivasthava

Anushka Srivasthava
Age 29 October 1997 (25 Years Old)
Web Series Riti Riwaj
Instagram ID@realanushkasrivastava

96. Aarohi Dike

Aarohi Dike
Age 16 May 1998 (24 Years old)
Web Series Cha**sukh- 2019
Instagram ID@theaarohidk

97. Aastha Chaudhary

Aastha chaudary
Age 20 July 1988 (34 Years Old)
Web Series Update Soon
Instagram ID@aasthachaudhary

98. Reine Saikia

Reine Saikia
Age 18 March 1992 (30 Years Old)
Web Series Kavita Bhabhi Part 3
Instagram ID@rineesha_official

99. Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur
Age 28 October 1994 (27 Years Old)
Web Series Gaon ki Garmi 2
Instagram ID@Mahikaur

100. Prerika Arora

Prerika Arora
Age 2 January 1999 (23 Years Old)
Web Series Pagalpanti
Instagram ID Update Soon

101. Megha Gupta

Megha Gupta
Age13 May 1985 (37 Years Old)
Web SeriesKumkum
Instagram ID@meghaguptaofficial


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